Upon scrolling through the Netflix options of the night (a process that is often very time-consuming and emotionally draining) I decided to watch Joe Rogan’s 2005 comedy special. I remember watching Fear Factor years ago and it was funny to hear him comment on how crazy of an idea that show was. He made jokes about the insanity of George W. Bush getting re-elected (coming from 2017, I enjoyed this). During my favourite segment of the bit, Rogan discusses how his view of “grown-ups” changed over the years.

When you’re a kid, it is common to have a belief that all of the adults or “grown-ups” in have it figured it out. They take charge, they drive cars, they have jobs, and they have a confidence about them that leads you to believe they know what they are talking about. And as Rogan hilariously puts it, this belief continues until your twenty-five and you go through the checkout at the grocery store and the cashier asks: “would you like a bag with that, sir?” At that point your response is: “wait what? I’m a sir?” Out of nowhere, you quickly come to a realization that you are now one of those so-called “grown-ups.” As someone in their mid-twenties right now, this feels all too true.

The point of the joke is that no one really knows what they are talking about when they say they have it figured out. I have found this all too real at times where various figures in my life have all given me different advice. Really this is a profound realization many of us have upon reaching an age of maturity. We are all faking it to some extent. I find it helpful to know that people of all types at some point or another wrestle with this same insecurity.