About this Blog

This is the section where I share the overarching vision for the blog. Give you an overarching picture of the purpose and expected impact of my writing. Having given this some serious thought I still am unable to give you a solid concise purpose that this blog is meant to represent. My approach to blogging is the same as my approach to life – throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks. Everything in life that I have excelled in I have done so not by contemplating the best way to approach it, but rather by jumping in with both feet and crash testing and making friends with a strict trial and error approach.

At this point, the one overarching theme I can see for this blog is that it will be about life in the 21st century. I work to continuously learn and grow through contemplating the ideas of those who have come before me. I created this blog as a way of storing my own personal thoughts and ideas for where I am currently and where I want to take my life. This blog will include entries that reflect on art, YouTube videos, Ted Talks, and books, and apply these items to our lives.