Niagara Beer Devil IPA Nickelbrook Headstock Headstock Headstock is traditional tasting, good, strong IPA. Beer Devil is fruitier, interesting taste but not quite as appealing
Boneshaker GLB Octopus Wants to Fight Split Decision – both win Amsterdam more intense, GLB Octopus more complex but less intense, both very good.
Granville Session Ale Goose Island Honkers Ale Granville Session Ale Both pleasant, Granville is hoppier, closer to desired taste.
GLB Canuck GLB Pompous Ass Split Decision Canuck is slightly hoppier, lighter, more “west coast style”, while PA is darker, different hops but still hoppy.
Class V IPA Dead Elephant Split Decision – both lose Both basic IPAs, not extremely hoppy, both pleasant but unremarkable.
Lone Pine IPA Mad Tom Mad Tom Mad Tom had more intense flavor
Naughty Neighbor Cutthroat Naughty Neighbor NN has more pleasing undertones and aftertaste and is currently a top ranked choice, cutthroat still very nice
Flight Delay IPA Collective Arts Ransack the Universe Split very similar, both good
Red Racer ISA GLB Sunnyside Session IPA GLB Sunnyside Session IPA Red Racer tastes more beer-y, GLB has more complete hop presence.
Detour State of Mind Session IPA Detour State of Mind lacked strong hop flavour, detour is more interesting
Kickin Back ISA Grandville Tides ISA Kickin Back Close,kickin back slightly preferred
Ten Point IPA Hopbot IPA Ten Point Close, Ten Point slightly preferred
Hopsta La Vista Mill Steet IPA Mill Steet IPA Both good, close, Mill st slightly preferred and more readily available.
Saint of Circumstance Summer Sunset Summer Sunset Saint tastes too traditional beer-y
Lagunitas IPA Propeller IPA Lagunitas IPA Propeller tastes too traditional beer-y
Red Line Clutch CA: Rhyme and Reason, OS: Iron Pig Red Line Clutch Neither Rhyme or Iron Pig were compelling, Clutch very good
Smuttynose IPA Smashbomb Atomic, St. Ambroise IPA Smuttynose, Smashbomb Smuttynose only slightly better, Smashbomb continues, St. Ambroise boring for an IPA
Genius of Suburbia Railside Genius of Suburbia Genius slightly better